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The Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) provide the internationally recognised ski instructor course and qualifications. The CSIA was established in 1938 and has around 26,000 members working world wide. There are now hundreds of instructors working throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Europe and Andorra, who gained or furthered their qualifications with our CSIA courses in Grandvalira.

CSIA Courses in Andorra
The Course Information below has been extracted from the CSIA website and relates to the course structure in Canada.  In Andorra, although the Goals and Content amount to the same, you will notice differences to the Course Outline and Schedule. For example all Indoor course work in Andorra usually takes place in the evenings.

CSIA Course Conductors
Please Note: All the course details on instructor-academy.com are for your guidance only. The content will rarely change but the actual course structure day-by-day is decided by the Course Conductor in resort.

COURSE RESUMÉ - Level 1 Instructor
Course includes:
An introduction to CSIA skiing and teaching methodology;
Strategies to develop skiers from beginner to intermediate (parallel) using the skill development method,
Techniques and strategies for effective assessment and development,
Techniques and strategies for effective assessment and development,
Personal feedback on ski performance
Workshop on customer service
 Duration:4 days
 Prerequisites:15 years of age
General Goal
To introduce the candidates to ski teaching, the CSIA and its function within the industry.

Final Goal
At the end of the course, the candidate should be able to:
Understand the mission statement of the CSIA
Define goals and objectives of a ski lesson.
Plan the organizational needs of a lesson.
Demonstrate an understanding of the 3 basic skiing competencies and the skill system of the CSIA
Know the structure of the CSIA


Demonstrate the capacity to teach "Fast Track to Parallel" (Initiation / Acquisition Level) in accordance with the technique and methodology of the CSIA.). Learning Objectives
Understand the basic principles of the Canadian Approach and how to incorporate them in teaching "Fast Track to Parallel"
Demonstrate the basic principles of a student centered approach while teaching ''Fast Track to Parallel''".
Develop the guest experience through teaching
Demonstrate an understanding of teaching children
Demonstrate effectively at all levels, from beginner to intermediate (Initiation / Acquisition Level)
Learning Objectives:
Assess their own ski performance in relation to the level 1 standards
Execute basic demonstrations while highlighting the principles of the Canadian Approach
Demonstrate a positive attitude towards ski teaching.
Demonstrate respectful behavior towards the other candidates and the teaching staff.
Demonstrate the ability to communicate in a ski teaching context.
Demonstrate a certain amount of self-confidence that will create success in ski teaching.
Demonstrate an open mind and be objective during the analysis of your skiing abilities


During the course, the following subjects will be discussed:
Safety rules in ski teaching
Analysis and development of ski movements
CSIA organizational structure
Lesson planning
Christie progression and fast track to parallel
Age specific workshop for children
Guest experience workshop


Groups will work on ski improvement, analysis and development of ski movements and how to adapt exercises and drills to specific age groups.
Teaching Sessions:
Groups will work on teaching particular movements and skills that have been presented.
Lectures will take place in the morning before the on-snow sessions. (See content)


Technical Evaluation

Demonstrations executed by the candidates during class time will be evaluated on a daily basis Candidates must pass both, skiing and teaching aspects in order to be certified Level 1 Candidates will be evaluated on their ongoing participation and effectiveness on and off the snow.There are specific demonstration assessments that are 50% of the final ski results

Performance criteria – Initiation / Acquisition level
Ski consistently parallel on intermediate terrain at moderate speed
Show some ability to adjust their technique to a variety of turn types and different snow conditions
Control speed
Adjust their skill to provide technically sound demonstrations which are easily copiable
Demonstrate at all levels, from beginner to intermediate

Basic Parallel Turns
*Control in symmetrical/rhythmical parallel turns on intermediate terrain (blue)
Wedge Turns
*Rhythmical wedge turns on flat beginner terrain (green)
Free Run
*Free skiing on intermediate terrain (blue)

Teaching Evaluation
The teaching is an evaluation of the student's participation in workshops and sessions.

Performance criteria – Initiation / Acquisition level
Technical Understanding
Student Centered Method
Guest Service


Technical Evaluation Pass or Fail
Teaching Evaluation Pass or Fail
Retest on skiing or teaching:
If a candidate fails skiing, teaching or both portions , he/she can return for re-evaluation and re-evaluation will be for 2 days



Day 1Indoor:
*Introduction to course outline, standards and evaluation
*Basic skiing competencies
On snow:
*Technique and Basic skills
*Ski Improvement – understanding the skiing skills through
  individual skill development
On snow:
*Ski improvement – continuing ski improvement with a tactical approach
*1-on-1 assessments
Day 2Indoor:
*People skills for ski teachers
*Teaching children
*Developing the Guest experience
*Free tactics – Fun development
On snow:
* Fast track to parallel – Demo improvement
On snow:
*Fast track to parallel – methodology and lesson planning
Day 3Indoor:
*Presentation skills
*Student centered teaching
On snow:
*Fast Track to Parallel – Methodology and teaching children
On snow:
* Teaching Workshops – Developing the guest experience

*Session: Free tactics – Fun development
Day 4On snow:
*Ski off review
* Teaching workshops -Fast Track to Parallel
On snow:
* Teaching Workshops – Fast Track to Parallel
* Results
Please Note: All the course details on instructor-academy.com are for your guidance only. The content will rarely change but the actual course structure day-by-day is decided by the Course Conductor in resort.

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